Invitation: 1-day excursion after heritage stones of significant buildings and artworks of Prague

Where: most of the time in the centre of Prague
When: 31st March 2017

The excursion will be focused on the use of heritage stones that come from different parts of the country. Will be visited for example Romanesque church of Sts. Cross, Žofín, National Theatre, statue of František Palacký and many other sights. Expert commentary will lead Dr. Barbora Dudíková Schulmannová from the Czech Geological Survey.

Meeting will be in the morning (time to be announced) in front of seat of the Czech Geological Survey. To participate on the excursion is necessary to log on by email on email address to 26th March 2017. For more information contact directly Michal Čurda on previous email address please.

In following on this one-day event is planned two-day field trip which will lead to the quarries where these important heritage stones were and are mined and processed (eg. Ruprechtice, Lázně Bělohrad – quarry Javorka, Lipnice, Bernartice and others). This trip is planned to the end of June.


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