David Groves: The Digital Apocalypse

GrovesDear Geological Colleagues,

I am excited that I have just had my first contemporary novel published commercially, although some would say that some of my geological papers were fiction! “The Digital Apocalypse” examines the step-like course of life, love, heartbreak, despair and renewal of the human spirit amid a background of religious and environmental terrorism in the period of the most rapid social and technological change in human history: a digital, virtual reality “now” world where concerns about issues such as anthropological climate change cloud our judgement of the real threats to the future of our civilisation.

I would be thrilled if you would purchase a personal copy, and perhaps one for a friend, to start me on my way as a novelist and give me a platform to air common sense views about Australia’s future. Early sales strongly influence how well the book is eventually received. I am happy to sign any copies if we can meet to do so. The link to the publisher is below and an order forms is attached if you prefer.

Books may be purchased online from: Connorcourt Publishing or Amazon.

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