Genesis of Au-Ag deposit Roudný

Autumn 2009
Zachariáš – B. Paterová – M. Pudilová (Charles University, Czech Republic)
: Genesis of Au-Ag deposit Roudný on the base of minaral paragenesis, fluid inclusion and stable isotopes, in cooperation with IAGOD and Czech Geological Survey


Non-traditional metallic resources in crustal metamorphic complexes

The last field trip in 2009 took place on 18-19th October in several localities of non-traditional metallic resources.

mine Rožná I

mine Rožná I

  • Mine Rožná I: uranium mineralization, alkali alteration style (underground visit)
  • Horní Bory: lithium-berylium mineralization in granitic pegmatities, visit to the quarry
  • Štěpánov nad Svratkou: supergene copper mineralization, visit to the Mír mine
  • Rožná: high-grade lithium pegmatite, visit to the pit
  • Dřínová near Tišnov

Lecture: Lukáš Vondrovic


Metallic and non-traditional resources of the Erzgebirge Mts., central Europe Metallogeny of the Saxonian Erzgebirge

In 27-29th September 2009 Prague Chapter visit many localities in Erzgebirge Mts. (classical ore district within the framework of Variscan orogeny and geodynamics).

  • Krupka: minor intrusions with distal Mo mineralization
  • Zinnwald-Altenberg: Sn-bearing greisen stockworks in a subvolcanic hydrothermal system, visit to pit and museum
  • Bergakademie Freiberg: joint meeting with the SEG chapter members, visit to educational underground facility and historical mineralogical collections
  • Ehrenfriedersdorf-Geyer: tin-mineralized high-level intrusions, underground, pit and museum visit
  • Schlema: uranium hydrothermal deposits related to deep-seated faults, underground visit
  • Johanngeorgenstadt: uranium mining, educational trail
  • Horní Blatná and Přebuz: sheeted tin-bearing greisens
  • Rýžovna: fossil tin-bearing placers
  • Tannesberg-Gottesberg-Schneckenstein: tin-tungsten mineralization in a subvolcanic rhyolite structure, underground visit, museum visit, geological field trip
  • Jáchymov: Ag-Co-Ni-U mineralization, underground visit to Svornost mine, radioactive springs
  • Horní Slavkov-Krásno: hydrolytic and alkali alteration styles in the high-level granitic cupolas, visit to open pits, mine dumps and mining museum

Lecture: David Dolejš, Jakub Trubač, Lukáš Vondrovic
SGA News 26, p.18

Fluviolacustrine coal and ceramic resources in central Bohemia

In 19th June 2009 Chapter organized field trip to several localities in central Bohemia.

  • Třebenice-Podsedice: garnetiferous proluvial sediments, visit to the mining and processing facility
  • Lubná near Rakovník: argilitized volcaniclastics of a post-collisional basin and their processing for ceramic applications (visit to underground mine, open pit and processing plant)
  • Louny: muzeum of local geology

Lecture: David Dolejš, Jakub Trubač, Lukáš Vondrovic


Academic year 2008/09

Joint excursion to ore deposits of the Krušné hory/Erzgebirge Mts.
(together with the SEG chapter at Bergakademie Freiberg)

Field trip stops: uranium mine Svornost in Jáchymov, tin deposits at Rolava and Přebuz.
Field trip guides: Dr. Petr Rojík, Dr. Viktor Goliáš and Mr. Paul Griessmann

Visit to mine and mineralogical museum of the Příbram district

Lecture: Mgr. Eva Litochlebová

Joint meeting with the students at ETH Zurich

In the late autumn 2008 Chapter took part in an interesting three-days fieldtrip dedicated to the Alpine geology in Switzerland. The meeting and fieldtrip were held by students from the ETH Zürich on 14-16th November, 2008.
News, No. 24, page 4

Trip to Moravské naftové doly
In the early spring 2009
, on 4-5 March, the Chapter organized an exciting two-day fieldtrip to Moravia to visit the MND (Moravské naftové doly) Group, which represents the largest company specialized in exploration and extraction of crude oil and natural gas in the Czech Republic. We visit an excursion on field 3D seismic measurements (Hustopeče), borehole drilling (Uhřice), laboratory techniqiues (Hodonín) and seismic processing (Brno).
Lecture: Dr. Berka
SGA News 25, page 21


April 2007 till May 2008

During the period from April 2007 till May 2008 SGA Students Chapter organized:

  • Field trip to Šumava mountains (3 days; led by RNDr. Kryštof Verner, Ph.D.)


  • Field trip to Jílové u Prahy gold district (led by RNDr. Petr Morávek)


  • erzgebirge_2007_2008(1)Field trip to Jáchymov mine, Erzgebirge (Blatenský vrch, Sn-mine Přebuz, Sn-mine Rolava), Zlatý kopec; 3 days; led by Mgr. Viktor Goliáš, Ph.D., Dr. Petr Rojík; organized in conjunction with SEG/SGA Student Chapter Freiberg


May-June 2006

In mid May 2006 Jiří Sláma – Chapter member organized a field trip to Jeseniky mountains (Au-mineralization, BIF formation, Mn- skarns, pegmatites). SGA News No 22, page 17


In the end of May students took part in field trip to the North Bohemia – Kozákov, Smrčí (olivinite nodules in basalts).

And also in the end of June Student Chapter organized a field trip to Altenberg, Central Erzgebirge (German part) and surroundings under a lead of Prof. M. Štemprok.

Field trip to Kutná Hora

In the end of November 2005 Student Chapter organized a field trip to Kutná Hora and surroundings under a lead of Petr Drahota. SGA News 17, page 11

Our Student Chapter also got in touch with SEG Student Chapter in Zurich and SEG Student Chapter in Kiev, and we are keen on organizing a joint meeting and field trip next year and collaborate together in future.