Stříbro and Planá-Michalovi hory ore district (Western Czechia)

One day field trip to Western Czechia was held on 18th May 2015. vozíky u štoly Prokop, Stříbro

Twelve students led by Mgr. Jan Bubal visited Open-Air museum in Stříbro with visiting of gallery Prokop and near ore heap (Pb-Zn mineralization).

Close to Stříbro, we also looked at the Vlčí hora Mnt. consist by tertiary basalts and pyroclastics with large phenocrysts of augite and amphibole. 

ore heap near Stříbro
In following area Planá-Michalovi hory ore district we saw some old open pits with Pb-Cu-Ni-Co mineralization.

For more photos click here.



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