Gold Short Course 2018 (Prof. David I. Groves)

  We would like to thank you all for participation at two-day Gold Short Course by Prof. David I. Groves and we are looking forward seeing you again! Please find our online gallery with photos from short course and post-course field trip.



Link for downloading the presentation slides here (repaired)

We would like to invite you to a two-day Gold Short Course by Prof. David I. Growes from the Centre for Exploration Targeting, UWA, Australia. The course will take place on the 19th-20th May 2018 in the building of the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, Albertov 6. The ice-breaker is planned for the evening of 18th May (Friday), start at 5 pm. Attendance on the short course is for free thanks to SGA Educational Fund, but the field trip is charged by 160 EUR for SGA members and 280 for non-members.

  For any question about the Gold Short Course please contact us on Registration form for Gold Short Course and information about our post-short course field trip please find in the links below.

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Schedule of Gold Short Course



Before 9 am: morning coffee

9:00- 1st lecture: Introduction to orogenic gold

10:35- coffee break

10:55- 2nd lecture: The crustal continuum and genetic models for orogenic gold

12:30- lunch time

14:30- 3rd lecture: Critical factors controlling the formation of orogenic gold

16:05- coffee break

16:25- 4th lecture: Exploration targeting for orogenic gold

18:00- expected end of the Saturday program




Before 9 am: morning coffee

9:00- 5th lecture: Introduction to intrusion-related gold deposits (IRGDs)

10:35- coffee break

10:55- 6th lecture: Nature of hybrid magmas and genesis of IRGDs

12:30- lunch time

14:30- 7th lecture: Carlin-type gold deposits of Nevada and China

16:05- coffee break

16:25- 8th lecture: Iron-oxide copper-gold deposits: nature and genesis

18:00- expected end of the Sunday program

*Cancelling with refund is possible only until two weeks before each trip.
**Organizers reserve the right to cancel a field trip for lack of participants.
***Besides Icebreaker party and coffee breaks, food and drink is not provided by the organizers of the Shortcourse.

Guide: Transport, dining, etc.

Registration form for the Gold Short Course and field trip

Informations about our post-Short Course field trip

Articles about the issue to see beforehand- Gold Short Course files:

GSF Giant Gold Provinces
Lithos Paper
Hronsky et al. Paper MIDE-S-11-00118[1]
GSF-D-17-00399. Jiaodong. pdf
GSF Kalgoorlie Vielreicher

Professor David Groves – Geology of Gold Deposits: SGA Education Fund Short Course (September 14-16, 2013)

The SGA Education Fund, established in 2013, funded as its first educational activity the student-oriented short course on Gold Deposits: From Theory to Exploration Practice. The short course was presented by Professor David Groves, University of Western Australia and hosted by the SGA Student Chapter Prague on September 14-16, 2013. David Groves is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Western Australia, where he helped establish the Center for Exploration Targeting. He has co-authored more than 500 publications mainly in the fields of Archean evolution, komatiite-associated Ni-Cu deposits, orogenic gold deposits, the role of lithosphere in global metallogeny, and prospectivity mapping. During his career, he also supervised over 85 Ph.D., 55 M.Sc. and 120 B.Sc. Hons. thesis projects at the University of Western Australia and elsewhere. He was elected President of the SGA, SEG and the Geological Society of Australia, and for his career-long achievements he received both the SGANewmont Gold Medal and the SEG Penrose Gold Medal. His willingness to organize this short course symbolizes his personal gift to the SGA Education Fund. The course consisted of four lecture sessions devoted to exploration techniques and strategies (first day), with focus on geological settings, mineralization and alteration styles and global geodynamic context during the following days. The principal focus of the second-day presentations aimed at intrusion-related, iron-oxide copper gold and Carlin-type deposits, whereas the last day was devoted to orogenic gold mineralization styles. The big-picture and general – perspective approach was particularly welcome as were detailed genetic models and controls on each mineralization setting.

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