Invitation: 2-day excursion to deposits of Krušné hory Mts. (Erzgebirge)

When: 12 to 13th November 2016 (registrations until 6th November on

Sleeping is agreed at Boží Dar town.

For more informations check your emails (SGA Chapter Prague members) or contact excursion leader Jan Bubal at his email address above.

14th SGA Biennial Meeting “Mineral Resources to Discover”

The 14th Biennial SGA Meeting will be held in Québec City, Canada, from 20th to 23rd August 2017. The Organizing Committee is already at work to make your visit in the capital of Québec a very interesting experience in science and a discovery to remember.

Important dates:

January 15, 2017: Abstract submission and registration
February 28, 2017: Deadline for abstract submission
April 1, 2017: Abstract revision notice
April 15, 2017: Final revised abstract
April 30, 2017: Final acceptance
May 15, 2017: Deadline for early-bird registration

More informations on the conference website.

Field trip to Central Slovakia Neogene Volcanic Field

Traditionally our Chapter organizes autumn field trips to abroad. This time it was to neogene volcanic field in Central Slovakia, in area of Banská Štiavnica and Banská Bystrica. Field trip took place from 7th to 10th October 2016.



First day we visited quarry near Lehotka pod Brehmi. We have seen here a lot of perlite and some obsidian peaces, volcanic glass of neogene age.

Other day we focused on tertiary Fe, Cu mineralization in meta-greywackes and meta-sandstones of permian age in Ľubietová – Podlipa area. Here we visited heaps of mines Johan, Reiner and Dolní Ladislav with nice samples of pseudomalachite and libethenite. Then we moved to Špania Dolina, famous by its historical mining of Fe and Cu ores from deposit Piesky which is also formed by permian meta-sediments affected by tertiary volcanic processes with mesozoic carbonate rocks around. We were collecting here some samples of azurite and malachite.

Sfalerite in quartz vein

sfalerite in quartz vein

Third day our interest was moved to locality Farbiště near Ponická Lehôtka where we can find triassic carbonates penetrated by triassic andezites and ryolites. From primary tennantite and chalkopyrite grew up big amount of secondary minerals. Next we looked at Banská Belá where we were looking for some nice quartz varieties from mesozoic quartzites.

At the last day of excursion we divided into two groups. First group visited active gold mine Rozália and second group visited the heap of this mine. Deposit is evolved in volcanics of Štiavnica stratovolcano (mainly andesites). Before gold there was mined Cu, Pb and Zn. Gold with base metal mineralization is contained in brecciated and/or banded quartz veins.

DSCN167423 members of our Chapter participated on this excursion which was led by Chapter president Ondřej Krátký.

For more photos click here.


Invitation: Field trip to Neogene Volcanic Field in Central Slovakia

Where: in area of Banská Štiavnica and Banská Bystrica
When: 7th (morning) to 10th (evening) October 2016

On the program will be predominantly localities in area of Ľubietová, Spania Dolina and Kremnica. Also we will visit active gold mine Rozália.

For more details check your emails (SGA Chapter Prague members) or contact our president Ondřej Krátký.

The 8th Siberian Early Career GeoScientists Conference

In June 2016, five members of our SGA chapter took part in DSC01727The 8th Siberian Early Career GeoScientists Conference in Novosibirsk, Russia. We have presented there our work and we all have participated in field trips to Altai mountains. It was great opportunity for us to discuss our thesis, observe work in different institutions and also learn geology in the field.

This trip would not be possible without the financial support of the SGA organization.

For more photos click here.

Gold from the Jílové u Prahy ore district (Central Bohemian Masiff)

On the 21st of May SGA Student Chapter Prague organized excursion to the historical gold mine located within the gold-bearing district Jílové Belt (located near Prague). We have visited historical adit Václav which led us directly to the Pepř mine. In this adit we had a chance to observe quartz stockworks with a little amounts of gold. During the mine visit we were able to collect some samples of gold-bearing quartz and also samples of scheelite mineralization from the Tobola vein. Some lucky students have even samples with small flakes of gold.

After the mine visit we have spent some time at the Museum of gold located at the city Jílové u Prahy.
Whole excursion was led by Dr. Pavel Škácha.


Excursion for the SGA Baltic Chapter (Bohemian Massif)

At the end of April, students from the SGA Student Chapter Prague prepared excursion to the Bohemian Massif for students from the SGA Baltic Chapter. During this trip, we had a chance to visit Mokrsko gold deposit located at the Jílové belt, former silver/uranium mine Svornost at Jáchymov city and several localities of greisen and skarn mineralization at the Erzgebirge Mts. This four-day field trip was a great opportunity to exchange ideas and make connections between our two SGA Student Chapters.

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